Neeraj Kapoor

Well, I got a recommendation from one of my friend, about The Thai Spa in Kolkata. For the first time my experience was of an authentic Royal Thai Massage 90 minutes, with herbal compress. It was simply mind blowing. I felt as if I am completely de-stressed. TTS has highly skilled & well trained Thai therapists. Starting from the infrastructure to services, I find it to be excellent in the town!


It's actually amazing how powerful these Thai women can be. They inquire beforehand as to the level of pressure the client prefers, and before-hand warned that "deep pressure" is serious business! I normally spend the majority of the massage holding my breath so as not to either cry out or laugh hysterically - which probably doesn't sound very relaxing - but it's worth it afterwards. I'm mostly here for the vigorous massage. I always feel happy for the service I avail here... Cheers!!!