Spa in Amritsar

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A Spa is a place where you can go for beauty treatments and luxury experiences. This is also a very good place for taking care of your physical pains like unwanted pulls in the muscles, ligaments and body joints. The Thai Spa in Amritsar is an example of one of the best spas in Amritsar. This is a perfect place where you can go for a relaxing and soothing session after a hectic week's work. This Spa in Amritsar offers some of the most luxuriant services that can be found in Amritsar. The Thai Spa is a luxury Spa in Amritsar that offers quality services, products and ambiance for its customers.
Trilium Mall - Amritsar
Unit- 10, A Wing, 3rd floor
Trillium Mall, Circular Road
Amritsar - 143 001
P: 0183- 5012259
M: +91 81948 72222
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